by Markus Pfeiffer

I have been dabbing and stabbing at having a webpage for more than a decade, but never had the energy to make a good one, or a pretty one.

One might argue that I still didn’t manage with the “good” or the “pretty” bit, but at least it was fun. I am very grateful for Matthew Butterick’s pollen and Beautiful Racket, Edward Tufte’s great ideas manifested in tufte-css. Joel Dueck made an inspiring example website using pollen. Thanks also to all the people who made Racket possible, and maybe bedgrudgingly the people who put energy into rendering CSS styled HTML, and MathJax.

I mostly agree with what Matthew says about web-authoring, technologies and templating, the only thing I would openly and loudly complain about are the horrific error messages produced by racket and pollen when something goes wrong.

The program I wrote which is this website makes it possible for me to write articles that can be rendered as web-content, or as a LaTeX PDF. I can farm out boring repetetive tasks, I can integrate code, and syntax highlight it, export it, and even test that it works on deployment.